Our Most Popular Tests*



Urine Rapid Screening
5 Panel Test - $29

10 Panel Urine Test - $49

EtG Alcohol Test - $69


Standard Urine Screen w/ GC/MS:

Court Admissible Tests

5 Panel, 10 Panel, EtG Alcohol, K2-Synthetic THC, 18 Panel Prescription


Hair Follicle with GC/MS:

5 Panel Test - $159

10 Panel Test - $249

EtG Alcohol Test - $279


PEth Alcohol Dried Blood Test:

Detects binge drinking - $219


DNA Paternity Testings:

Peace-Of-Mind - $199

Legal/Court Admissible - $249
**price for other services may apply

Testing Services Available


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EtG (up to 80 hours) Alcohol Testing

"PEth" Dried Blood Dot (binge drinking detection 2-3 weeks)

ETOH* (Ethyl) Alcohol Testing

BAC* (Breath Alcohol Content) Alcohol Testing

*8-12 hours


Legal DNA Testing

Peace-of-Mind DNA Testing

Maternity Testing

Paternity Testing

Siblingship Testing

Avuncular Testing

Expert Drug, Alcohol and DNA Testing
Serving Travis Country and Surrounding Areas
for over 15 years!

Drug, Alcohol, and DNA Testing

ProResults specimen collection facility is making a difference in the way business is conducted in the drug and DNA testing industry for the Austin community.

We specialize in progressive, noninvasive drug testing, alcohol testing & DNA testing methods to preserve the privacy and dignity of our clients.

To further this objective, ProResults DNA testing lab offers the highest quality products and services with the widest variety of confirmation methods available. ProResults employs strict government guidelines to maintain chain of custody and specimen integrity.

Individuals have a right to privacy and businesses have a right to know about the people working for them. We are here to assure that both receive the most accurate, timely and professional response to their needs.