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BAC (Breath Alcohol Content) Breathalyzer Testing

Always make sure to wait at least 15-20 minutes after having anything in your mouth, before submitting to a breathalyzer. For example: mints, chewing gum, cigarettes, mouthwash, soda, water, etc... If this is not done, the results could be inaccurate.

When you drink alcohol, the amount of alcohol in your blood goes up. This is called your blood-alcohol content/level.

When the amount of alcohol in the blood reaches 0.02 - 0.03%, you may feel a relaxing "high".

When that percentage reaches 0.05 - 0.10%, you have reduced muscular coordination, a longer reaction time, and impaired judgement.

Driving and operating machinery under the influence of alcohol is dangerous. A person with an alcohol content/level of 0.08% and above is considered legally intoxicated (drunk) in most states (some states have lower levels than others).

In the United States, it is illegal for anyone to operate a vehicle with a BAC of 0.08% or higher, as studies indicate this amount of alcohol can substantially reduce a person's ability to drive safely. As a result, breathalyzers are designed to calculate a suspected BAC.

Breath testing devices work by estimating a person's BAC based on the amount of alcohol found in his or her breath. In order to do this, the person must blow into a small tube located on the breathalyzer. If the device detects the presence of alcohol, it uses a set ratio to calculate the test subject's BAC. The alcohol content of exhaled air accurately reflect the alcohol content of the blood.

There are a number of variables that can affect a person's BAC reading, for example, breathalyzers assume the amount of alcohol found in a person's mouth is representative of the amount of alcohol in his or her bloodstream. This means that the test can easily pick up traces of alcohol from other substances, such as breath mints, cough syrup, chewing gum, or other products that contain a small amount of alcohol. In such cases, the BAC will be falsely inflated due to the presence of alcohol in the mouth. That is why it is important to wait the required amount of time before submitting to the breathalyzer.